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Andra Pradesh DPM Workshop : Cataract Management Protocols, 27-28 April 2009

Summary :

Sightsavers strategy map states that our work should contribute in ensuring provision of quality eye care universally in government institutions and available as integral part of wider health system. Advocacy and working with government is one of the priority areas for SIAO as per the new strategic framework (2009- 2013). We aspire to collaborate in every possible way in order to minimize duplication of resources and efforts.

It does so through conducting a two day workshop on cataract management protocols for District Programme Managers of Andhra Pradesh. This workshop attempted to find the gaps between the expected and existing quality standards of district level eyecare facilities. The gaps have been identified qualitatively as well as quantitatively. While the qualitative parameters stressed on minimum quality protocols to be followed clinically, quantitative parameters embraced minimum performance output expected out of each human resource personnel at district level, respectively.

It does not claim to have all the answers, but suggests measures that state and national level policy-makers, eyecare partners and training institutions can use to advocate for equitable quality services across all socio-economic strata.

Action Points Implemented from DPM Meeting, 2008 :

The first breakthrough with AP State Blindness Control Society came in September 2008. It was then we organized SIAO’s first ever D.P.M. Meeting in Andhra Pradesh in association with AP Ophthalmic Society organized at Vijayawada. Since then, we have received full support from Dr Mothilal Bonathu, Joint Director – AP National Programme for Control of Blindness (NPCB) in exploring the ways of working together.

The meeting generated a helm of concepts blending public and private stakeholders. The outcome of first DPM meeting resulted in partnership of Rotary Netra Eye Hospital, Vishakhapatnam with GREHTN (Government Regional Eye Hospital Teleophthalmology Network). Another step towards success from this meeting was evolution of concept for public private partnership between Sankar Foundation, Vishakhapatnam with HMRI (Health Management Research Institute) and Rajiv Gandhi Health Mission.

With these positive developments in last two quarters, SIAO planned second DPM workshop specifically on improving quality of cataract management. This workshop also witnessed mutual resource sharing between Sightsavers International, GoI NPCB (AP) and LVPEI.


1. Review the situation analysis of the eye care services in Andhra Pradesh.

2. To update knowledge of DPMs on the current best practices for cataract surgeries.

3. Discuss a common minimum clinical protocol that needs to be maintained.

4. Expression of interest to work together at all the levels from service delivery to advocacy with Sightsavers partners.

Immediate Output of the Workshop :

The Joint Director of NPCB (Andhra Pradesh) has endorsed the Sightsavers Standardization Manual (Guidelines for : Quality Catract Management in Secondary Level Eye Centres) prepared in collaboration with Venu Eye Institute and Research Centre with Sewa Rural, Jhagadia though a circular to all the 23 DPMs of the state.

Expected Outcomes:

    • Action plan for 2009 -2010 enlisting milestones to achieve in collaboration.
    • Availability of quality clinical services to the eye care beneficiaries of Andhra Pradesh integrated through Government service providers and our partners.
    • Better understanding of trainees on core issue of Quality and Management in eye care programmes and day to day work leading to improved performance.
    • Positive relation building with Sightsavers partners on field leading to solve trivial issues arising from administrative lacunae.

The action points and forward feed of this workshop is under documentation.